Welcome to the E.K.K.O Academy

E.K.K.O (Eleydian Kingdom Key Operatives) is a lore based NFT project, consisting of 5555 algorithmically generated characters from over 250 unique handdrawn traits and 17 parameters.

All secondary market royalties are returned directly into The E.K.K.O Community Vault, where holders have influence on what the funds will be spent on.

Polygon relaunch is live now at 125 MATIC pr. mint.

Polygon relaunch is live now!

E.K.K.O Logo

5555 E.K.K.O's

All E.K.K.O's are algorithmically generated from a series of over 250 unique handdrawn traits, consisting of 17 different parameters, making sure every E.K.K.O is unique.
The 5555 E.K.K.O's are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the ETH-Blockchain (Polygon) and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing an E.K.K.O costs 125 MATIC.

E.K.K.O Character Rarity Picture

The 7 Districts

All of The Eleydian Districts are divided by their own traits.
Explore the backstory of each district by clicking the cards below.

Olel Maree Logo

Olel Maree

Olel Maree E.K.K.O

Demon Traits:
Demon Eyes, Demon Face, Half-Demon Face

Astis Eras Logo

Astis Eras

Astis Eras E.K.K.O

Human traits:
Normal Eyes, Lazy Eyes, Don't Care Eyes, Shades Eyes, Angry Eyes, Spooky Eyes

Londo Sella Logo

Londo Sella

Londo Sella E.K.K.O

Robot traits:
Robot Eyes, Glowing Eyes, Half-robot Half-human Eyes, Half-robot Face, Robot Face

KhaNil Logo


KhaNil E.K.K.O

Reptile traits:
Snake eyes, Crescent Eyes, Cobra Pet Back

Besseam Logo


Bessaem E.K.K.O

Blind traits:
Blind Eyes, Spiral Eyes

Kamu Logo


Kamu E.K.K.O

Ghost traits:
Ghost Face, Ghost Bird

Belili Logo


Belili E.K.K.O

Ghostlike eyes:
Black Eyes, Black E.K.K.O Logo Eyes

Rarity & Traits

All E.K.K.O's are algorithmically generated from over 250 handdrawn traits distributed in 17 different parameters.

Full traitlist and rarities


Common E.K.K.O


Uncommon E.K.K.O


Rare E.K.K.O


Legendary E.K.K.O

Launch Roadmap

Before the first drop, 200 E.K.K.O's will be minted for giveaways and airdrops.


The E.K.K.O Academy is slowly unveiled, while the whitelist sign-up opens. Whitelist spots will be drawn through a randomized raffle between all signups and we will also give away spots through our social channels. In total there will be (max.) 555 presale spots. 500 raffle winners, 55 giveaway winners. After the unveiling, the presale of the first (max.) 1110 E.K.K.O’s will begin for whitelisted addresses only.

Whitelist presale begins the 25th of October 18:00 UTC!
Max. mint 3 E.K.K.O pr. ETH address.

Public sale begins the 1st of November 18:00 UTC!
Max mint 5 E.K.K.O's pr. ETH address.


We have officially launched!
More giveaways will start for the community and more lore regarding The E.K.K.O Academy will be unveiled.
First monthly Community Vault poll will open for holders who verify their E.K.K.O ownership with Metamask. Both community members and holders can add options for the poll.


More airdrops for holders only will begin!
100 E.K.K.O’s with limited edition 1/100 backgrounds, will be airdropped between the first 1666 holders!

1 ETH will be added to The Community Vault.


Rare airdrops will start for E.K.K.O holders only!
Full body, full 3D, ultra-rare E.K.K.O’s, with custom soundtracks, will be airdropped to 1 lucky holder!

2 ETH will be added to The Community Vault.


Community contests for exclusive prizes will begin!
Submissions for our art contest opens. We will start preparing drop 2, which includes more utility, high quality display weapons, companions, lore related items and more!

3 ETH will be added to The Community Vault.


We are SOLD OUT!
All 5555 E.K.K.O’s are now revealed and added to Opensea.
All 5% royalty fees from sales, will be added to The Community Vault.

Furthermore, 10% of total sales (32.1 ETH) from our launch will be added to The Community Vault!

There's now 40 ETH in The Community Vault! (rounded up). Holders will have full control through the vault poll. Want us to create a physical manga, animated show, donate to charity? You decide.

Drop 2 and further future plans are now all announced. Development will continue in collaboration with our community.

Who are we?

E.K.K.O Team

Meet the team behind E.K.K.O


Teammember Name

// Project Manager, Marketing


Teammember Name

// Front-end, Graphic Design, Sound Design


Teammember Name

// Back-end, Tech Development

ETH Girlfriend

Teammember Name

// Community Manager


Teammember Name

// Illustrator


Teammember Name

// Front-end, Tech Development


What, why and how?

We have chosen to create E.K.K.O because we felt that the NFT space needed more storytelling projects. Our NFT collection will start its journey right at the end of our backstory, and develop its lore continuously, in a joint work between our writers and community members. More collections and art will keep being released as the story keeps developing. All art and NFT drops in the future will either be made solely by, or in a cooperation with our artists and the community.

All NFTs will have a 5% royalty fee, which will go directly to our community vault. The community vault is a wallet holding all the community's shared ETH. We will start fueling the vault by filling it with 40 ETH from our launch (if we reach 100% sales). After that, people are welcome to donate or just let the royalty fees fill the vault. The vault ETH will be used for whatever the community decides, as we will host votes once every month. All members can add their own options to the poll, as long as it's not offensive, NSFW or illegal. We will have a tab on our page for holders only, called “THE CAMPUS”. To access this part of the page, you must verify your wallet so we are sure that you're a part of E.K.K.O. In "THE CAMPUS": the voting, art contests, lore development, future drops and much more will take place. Feel free to follow our social media profiles, to receive updates about our project as it unveils.


When is launch and presale?

The presale will begin on the 25th of October at 18:00 UTC, for whitelisted adresses only. Max mint of 2 E.K.K.O pr. ETH address. Limit will increase to 3 after 72 hours until 1110 E.K.K.Os have been sold or public sale launches.

Whitelist signup will be closed 1 week before the presale, the 18th of October.

The public sale will begin on the 1st of November at 18:00 UTC! Max mint of 5 E.K.K.O's pr. ETH address.

What is the mint price?

The price to mint 1 E.K.K.O will be 0.055 ETH + gas! We are aware that gas prices are extremely high, so we will do our best to take measures to keep gas prices low for everyone.

How do I join the presale?

To join the presale, you can sign up to our presale whitelist here on our website or participate in our giveaways on Twitter or Discord. The 500 winners of presale spots are chosen through a randomized raffle after the 18th of October. All winners will recieve an email confirmation with instructions.

How many E.K.K.O's can I mint?

Max mint pr. ETH address is 2 E.K.K.O for our presale (increased to 3 after 72 hours), while max mint is 5 pr. ETH address for our public launch.

How many E.K.K.O’s will be in circulation?

In total there will be 5555 E.K.K.O’s in circulation for our first drop - not included the 1 of 1 art pieces given away before and after launch.

On public launch, there will be max 4800 E.K.K.O’s available for minting. Before launch 200 E.K.K.O’s will be minted for giveaways and airdrops, and 555 E.K.K.O's will be sold in presale.

How do the traits work? And how many traits do you have?

All E.K.K.O’s will be algorithmically generated from a set of 15 parameters and over 250 unique handdrawn traits. We have made sure to make hundreds of unique traits, so no E.K.K.O will look alike.

What benefits do you have for E.K.K.O holders?

If you hold an E.K.K.O you will have access to exclusive holder benefits, such as poll voting for our community vault (holds all 5% royalites of sales), access to exclusive holder-only airdrops, giveaways and more!

What are the rarities?

To make everything more exciting and not to spoil anything as soon as you mint an E.K.K.O, more info on rarities will come after our launch. And the mints will also be unveiled after the official launch. More info on subject will come soon.

What will happen to royalties from sales and aftermarket sales?

All the 5% royalties aftermarket sales will go directly back to the community vault, which holders will have full control over. Furthermore 10% of all sales from the first E.K.K.O drop will be put into the vault. In total the community vault will consist of 40 ETH if we sell out.

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